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Feng Shui Fortune Telling, Feng Shui Suggestion Home | Feng shui advice and zi wei dou shu | Feng shui tips, Ba Zi analysis and Fortune Telling | fortune telling: feng Shui Advices and ba zi analysis| feng Shui Advices and ba zi analysis| Contact Feng Shui is an ancient art, but as the modern world is evolving so fast, is Feng Shui still relevant?
Feng Shui Fortune Telling is an ancient wisdom that has been accumulated since thousands of years ago and it is definitely not a superstition. It is a way to analyze the relationships amongst time, space and mankind. It is a way of life, not a religious. We expect the Chinese Fortune Telling such as China & Korea will continue to prosper well enough and extend their influences to the rest of the world. Hopefully during the Period 8th, there will be no more wars and people in the world will live in a more constructive & less destructive era.
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Also, according to some of the resources, the first references in writing to Feng Shui were done in 2700 BCE. if the company has problems with any individual employees or work groups, their situation in the office as well as their work place should be assessed as well.

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